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Neem Aloe Vera Gel 100ml

Nimbarka Neem Aloe Vera Gel is a multi-functional soothing gel that instantly refreshes and hydrates your skin. It’s loaded with anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties which work as magic for your skin as well as hair.


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Product Care Instructions

Keep in a cool & dry place. Away from direct light.

Results of using Neem Aloe Vera Gel 100ml

Moisturises Skin

The Nimbarka Neem Aloe vera Gel protects skin from dehydration. As it is brimming with vitamins and antioxidants, it curtails clogged pores. When used frequently, it also moisturises and reinvigorates the skin.

Cherishes Healthy skin:

The Neem & Aloe vera Gel of Nimbarka has been infused with premium ingredients to gently remove all impurities and preserve the health and beauty of your skin. It cleanses the skin thoroughly. Moreover, this helps get rid of surplus oil buildup that causes skin redness and acne. This gel gives skin a beautiful, young appearance when used daily.

Inhibits Skin infections

This gel guards the skin against a range of skin infections because it contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Your skin will continue to be smooth and silky while being protected by using it.

Relives skin from Sunburn

Nimbarka Neem Aloevera gel assists to repair sun damage and inhibit the signs of premature aging.

Strengthens hair

Aloevera content of this gel has various active properties that make hair strong. IT also calms an itchy scalp and encourages hair growth.

Fights against dandruff

Nimbarka Neem Aloevera Gel welcomes healthy hair and assists to stay away from dandruff.


How to Use


Apply a little amount of gel on your face with the help of your fingertips in a circular motion.


Keep it for 30 minutes and wash it off with water.


You can apply the Nimbarka Neem Aloevera Gel precisely on your hair and scalp.


You need to leave it for 30 minutes before rinsing it off


Perfect for both men and women above 18 years of age

Ideal for all skin and hair types.

Reasons for choosing Nimbarka


Our products do not contain any chemicals that could irritate or cause allergies to the users. They are enriched with the goodness of pure content.

Nutrients rich

Nimbarka focuses on using natural substances to maintain the health of your skin and avoid skin problems altogether.

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